*Donations can be made in the following ways:


Mail P.O. Box 259, Lorain, OH 44052

Directly to our vets:

Please email us at stormsangelsrescue@gmail.com for a list of vets with balances.  Thank you!

*Short Term Foster Care:

Short term foster homes are foster homes used for 2 weeks or less instead of boarding animals while their current foster parents are unavailable.  They require a 2 week or less commitment. 

*Long Term Foster Care:

Long term foster homes are foster homes used for animals who need a place to stay while waiting for adoption.  They require a commitment until the animal is placed into an adoptive home.  Long term fosters need to commit to training, housing, and trying to find an adoptive home for their foster animal.

*Forever Foster Care:

Forever foster care homes are needed for special medical/behavioral needs animals that are not adoptable.  They require a commitment until the animal has passed away.  Forever fosters need to have some knowledge of medical/behavioral issues or be willing to learn.

*Assist with Administrative Duties:

Administrative duties include calling references, helping pull animals from shelters, and recruiting foster and adoptive homes.


Storm's Angels