Storm's Angels 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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1.  Where is Storm's Angels located?

We have Board members located all over Ohio.  We utilize foster homes in all areas of Ohio.

2.  Does Storm's Angels accept owner surrenders?

Yes, we will accept owner surrenders if we have the space.  Please fill out our Owner Surrender Form and we will contact you within 72 hours.  We do charge a surrender fee of $100 for cats/rabbits and $200 for dogs and other exotic animals if they are not fully vetted.  This fee covers their daily care until they are adopted. 

3.  Is Storm's Angels a non-profit?

Storm's Angels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the

extent allowed by law.  Tax ID #: 47-1611066. For more information, contact us at 

440-782-1268 or

4.  What is the purpose of Storm's Angels?

We rescue and rehabilitate companion animals in Ohio.  We also work to reduce the pet overpopulation by sponsoring low cost spays/neuters and assist with vet bills when possible.  

5.  How does Storm's Angels use donations?

All donations go towards the care of the animals in the rescue (and community outreach).  We do not employ any paid staff and all operation expenses are underwritten by volunteers.

​6.  Why should I adopt?

Companion animals are killed at an alarming rate daily (approximately 15000 cats per day and 10000 dogs per day) due to overcrowding in shelters.  Many of these animals are puppies and even pure bred dogs and cats.  Adoption saves lives.  Please adopt, don't shop!

7.  What does the rescue provide when I foster?

Storm's Angels provides all basic needs for any foster animal.  For dogs we provide a crate, collar/harness, leash, food, and any other supplies.  For cats we provide a travel crate (for vet appointments), collar, food, litter box and supplies.  Supplies will be provided for other animals as needed.  Foster homes provide love and attention.  

8.  What is the adoption application process?

First step is to fill out an adoption application on our website.  If you would like a paper form please e-mail us at  Applications can take up to a week to process.  We require 2 meet and greets for dogs and 1 for cats.  The adoption fee helps to cover the animal's vetting including spay/neuter, microchip, and all vaccines.  Dogs come with a collar, leash, and harness (or head halti).  All animals come with a small bag of their current food.  Adoption fees are tax deductible to the amount allowed by law and nonrefundable.

Adoption Fees: 

Dogs and exotics under 6 months old-$300                Cats and rabbits under 6 months old-$150

Dogs and exotics 6-24 months old-$200                     Cats and rabbits 6-24 months old-$100

Dogs and exotics over 2 years old-$150                     Cats and rabbits over 2 years old-$75

Dogs and exotics over 5 years old-$100                     Cats and rabbits over 5 years old-$50

9.  What is the foster application process?

First step is to fill out a foster application on our website.  If you would like a paper form please e-mail us at  Once we receive your application we will notify you and then begin to process your application.  We will let you know if we have any issues or concerns after we have processed your application.  We provide all supplies for our fosters.

10.  Do you adopt outside of Ohio?

Yes, we will adopt animals 16 weeks and older outside the state.  We are willing to transport up to one hour from northeast Ohio.  If farther you will be required to come pick up your new pet.  We can arrange volunteer transport in some situations.  Please contact us for more information.

​11.  Can you help me find a certain breed, age, sex, or type of animal?

We would be glad to preapprove you to adopt from our organization.  All preapproved adopters are sent out animals that match what they are looking for before we list them for adoption to the general public.  All preapproved adopters are contacted in the order they were preapproved.  For more information about our preapproval process please e-mail

12.  Can I meet an animal before I apply?

We offer adoption events at least once a month where you can meet adoptable animals.  These events are at various locations in Ohio.  For more information visit our events page.  We can also schedule meet and greets once we receive a completed application.